Who doesn’t love odd stuff and old junk?!

Well, okay, a lot of people don’t, which is great for me, because how else would I be able to acquire all of these really cool items at yard sales, thrift shops, flea markets, and the like, and pass them on to those people who do!?  🙂

Fortunately, for me, and my wife, I discovered eBay in 1996. Otherwise, I might be living in, and on, a very large and strange collection of miscellaneous stuff. Strange as this might sound to anyone not familiar with the search for “ancient” yard sale relics, the thrill of owning generally pales in comparison to the thrill of finding. Henceforth, the need to move things along to make room for the next influx of yet-to-be-discovered treasures. And, equally as strange as this might sound, I would not call myself a true collector, at least not of everything. Most things I acquire, I am happy to send along to a new home, with the exception of three things I do like to collect: beer cans, which have been something of an obsession since 1976; books which I love to own but never read, and can’t figure out why I still have them; and green stuff, the kind that Uncle Sam prints.  🙂