Odd Yard Sale Finds


September 2012

Actuarial alert!

I remember taking a college business course, and having a guest speaker come in to talk about his career as an actuary. In case you didn’t know, that’s a person who uses statistics to analyze the financial consequences of risk regarding uncertain future events (such as life expectancy) that are of concern to insurance companies. Sounds pretty dry and boring to me, but the combination of smoking, drinking, and Slim Jimming would probably rev up the statistical juices of even the most buttoned-down actuarialist.

First gator in England?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no gators in England. This one is headed there. I bought him at a yard sale on this side of the Pond, and sold him to a person on the other side of the Pond. Admittedly, there are probably other non-living gator somethings over there, but he might still be a one of a kind. Every other ceramic character bank I have ever seen has had a coin slot in the back, or on the top of the head. His coin slot is in his mouth. By the looks of his midriff, it appears he is capable of swallowing plenty of other things as well.

A blue Sillisculpt?

These goofy resin-plastic figurines turn up at almost every yard sale. If you were alive in the early ’70s, you no doubt gave or received one of these, somewhere along the line. I once had a collection of about a hundred of them. Most are of little value. Most are the familiar off-white color. Not too many are of other colors, like this one. And, yes, they do have a name. They are known as Sillisculpts. Not sure who coined the phrase, but it does seem appropriate.

Here’s a link for more information:

…and in this corner:

20+ years of yard sales, only 1 chair purchased, until I came across this one. The price was right, I think. I know virtually nothing about old furniture, and I don’t even have a corner to put it in, but I do know odd when I see it.

Add an egg for instant fun!

I have seen lots of egg cups. Most are the traditional hourglass shape. This one is a bit different. Paint a face on the egg and you’ve got yourself a British figurine.

I don’t think I ever have,

Wonder how they got it in there?

I would be willing to bet that this can is empty inside. If there was FOG in it, which seems very unlikely, there probably isn’t any now.

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