Odd Yard Sale Finds


April 2013

Mr. Trouble never hangs around!


A SOAKY shampoo bottle from the 1960s, and a sextet of Saginaw Choral Society singers with their rendition of one of the most memorable theme songs in cartoon character history.


After thumbing through this humorous 1950s’ paperback, it is easy to see what kept our GIs occupied in Occupied Japan.


“Start a movement. Eat a Prune”?

This oddball drinking glass screams out 1970s, with many of the more memorable catch phrases of the day: “Save water, bathe with a friend” ~ “Try it, you’ll like it” ~ “Dirty old men need love too!” ~ “Be kind to animals, kiss a frog” ~ “Keep America beautiful, swallow your beer cans” ~ plus the aforementioned “eat a prune” adage which probably makes most people cringe at just the very thought of doing so.


You’re showing your age if you know what this is.


Back in the day, you needed one of these if you planned on continuous-playing your “stacks of wax” (45 rpm records). This handy gadget fit over the spindle of your Hi-Fi allowing your records to drop down, one on top of the other. Doesn’t seem like that would have been the best idea for preserving the longevity of your vinyl, but it did serve the party purpose quite nicely.

On the way to the deltiologist


This image is from a lot of postcards I acquired. Amongst the lot was a series of vintage cards depicting the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. Btw, in case you are wondering, deltiologist is a fancy name for a postcard collector.

Who was Debbie Drake?


Debbie Drake was the first woman to star in her own daily exercise show. The Debbie Drake Show debuted in 1960 and aired during the morning on dozens of stations across the country. This little booklet was published by WISH TV 8 in Indianapolis as a way to promote the station and the program.

Neutron Irradiated? Is that safe?

Apparently it is, although I am not sure I fully understand the why of doing it. During the 1940s and 1950s, the American Museum of Atomic Energy irradiated hundreds of thousands of dimes as souvenirs. The aim was “to provide a dramatic demonstration of the principle of neutron activation.” What I think that means is, safe radiation, if there really is such a thing.


If you would like to know more about the “how and why” of it, here’s the link. Be forewarned, the explanation is anything but “elementary.” 🙂

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