Odd Yard Sale Finds



Cue the Music!

These colorful pins look to date to the simpler times of the 1950s or 1960s, when people could be wowed by something they had never seen before. Now, with the advent of social media, the internet, and countless TV stations covering almost every possible event on the planet, much of what was a WOW then, is nothing special now. Back then, I am sure the attendees of the Florida Citrus Ski Show supplied the requisite number of oohs and aahs in response to the watery performances.

Here’s a period look at some Not Ready for Prime Time Players of the water ski world, complete with the schmaltzy music that screams out 1960s’ video.

Whatever Happened to Judy Scott?

I love the graphics of this vintage 1971 Glenwood, Minnesota Waterama annual festival pin! Makes me wish I could have attended the event!

Here’s a look at a bit of Waterama fun, 2010 style:

“Where’s the Bill?!”

Maybe this was McDonald’s answer to the Burger King “Where’s the Beef?!” campaign featuring Clara Peller’s crotchety geriatric. McDonald’s must have needed to show the world that it too could cater to the older set by putting them to work behind the counter.

Wonder how many Seattle kids wore one of these?

Julius Pierpont Patches debuted on Seattle’s KIRO TV Channel 7 in 1958. The show was live and ran for 23 years until 1981. DARIGOLD is a Seattle-based dairy coop that must have sponsored the J.P. Patches show. Can’t you just see the kids sitting in front of the television drinking their chocolate milk and wearing their J.P. Patches pins.

Here’s the link to the full story of Seattle’s iconic TV clown:

I’m Feeling …

… Angry, Worried, Happy, Innocent, Ornery, Sad

The wearer of this unique pin needs only to turn the wheel to let the world know how he or she is feeling today.

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