Odd Yard Sale Finds



Vegetarians look away!


This struck me as very odd when I came across it at a local yard sale. Turns out that the oddest thing about it is that, unbeknownst to me, it is not really that odd at all. Beer Can chicken has a HUGE following! There is even a well-known (not by me) Kenny Chesney country song that pays homage to the brew bird. I will have to attribute my ignorance in such matters to the fact that I don’t own a grill, I don’t eat chicken, and I don’t drink canned beer. Guess that makes me the oddest thing about this OYSF entry.

No matchmaker needed.


I am guessing this is strictly a novelty item, isn’t it?

It “reminds me of wild hickory nuts.”


Not wild asparagus, as featured in this first Euell Gibbons book published in 1962, but the other food that made the naturalist a household name (and the subject of much playful satire) in the 1970s.

Goodbye Mr. Chix


There seems to be scant information available as to the ultimate whereabouts of the dapper Chicken Bones mascot. It looks as though he long-ago disappeared into advertising oblivion, along with his oddly named candy.

Your dog drinks from one, now you can too!

This oversized ceramic coffee mug looks to hold a LOT of coffee. I would bet that the drinker would be visiting the real thing long before emptying this (slightly smaller) one.


Trying building a house with these.


It is estimated that 70 million decks of playing cards are sold in the United States each year. I couldn’t find the breakdown by shape, but it is probably safe to assume that the rounds are very much in the minority.

If it’s weird, I want it.

That’s not my mantra as a collector, but it certainly is as a seller. Anyone who buys and sells as a hobby learns fairly quickly that there is ALWAYS someone out there looking for the odd and unusual.

This rather gruesome looking little figurine was hiding on the top shelf of a local thrift store, and I almost did not see him, until I heard a small voice scream out “buy me!” So of course I had to.


It’s elementary my dear Isaac.

If I had a thousand guesses I would never have figured this one out. It’s made by Stickley, best known for its very high quality Arts & Crafts Movement furniture. This is obviously not that, but thanks to a friendly eBay user, I was able to get the answer as to what it is and what it does. Sir Isaac (Newton) looks to have figured it out way back in 1687, with his “action, reaction” law of motion. It seems to me it should just fall over when put to use. Must be why I did so poorly in high school physics class.


If you happen to find or inherit one of these, and you haven’t yet figured out how it works, here’s how:

(Maybe I am just hopelessly incredulous, but even after watching the video, I still don’t think I would trust it with anything pricier than my Asti Spumante)

Broadcasting on the Armored Forces Radio Network?

This very nicely detailed medieval figurine looks to be exactly that, until one looks behind the base and discovers it to be a novelty transistor radio.


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