I bought this at a yard sale, and used it at home for quite some time, until modern technology got the better of me. There is nothing like the ring of an old style rotary dial telephone, and it was always a thrill growing up to answer the phone and find out what friend or relative would be calling. Unfortunately, now, the majority of home phone calls are from callers wanting to be your friend, only if you buy something from them; and without the modern convenience of caller ID, answering the low-tech rotary dial telephone generally means having to either sit through a canned sales pitch (until one can politely extricate one’s self from the ordeal) or impolitely cut the caller off in mid-sentence, with possibly an accompanying slam down of the receiver. Unfortunately, the best way to avoid either of those scenarios is just to rely on the aforementioned caller ID, and not to answer the phone in the first place. So, sadly, I was forced to retire the nostalgia of rotary dialing. 😦