Odd Yard Sale Finds



Hang it where?


This would have been the perfect on-the-go litter receptacle, back in 1964, before the redesign of modern car radios rendered its usage obsolete. It was not uncommon, back in the day, to have your litter bag hanging from one radio knob, and your air freshener hanging from the other.

This vintage super-stylish AM car radio probably sported both, at one time or another:

Free Enterprise at its worst?

One of the greatest things about America is that, unlike many countries of the world, we have almost unlimited freedom of expression. Unfortunately, that freedom sometimes crosses the moral line, in my humble opinion. This “humorous” deck of playing cards shows a “who’s who” of Iraq’s “Most Wanted.” Making light of such a serious situation as the “war” in Iraq strikes me as more than just a bit unseemly. Does having the right to do something, mean we automatically should do it?


The SpiroT of America!

Spiro T. Agnew was the only Vice President in American history to resign because of criminal charges, and he was a tennis player who was well-known for beaning his doubles partners with errant serves. According to the New York Times, “the tennis historian Bud Collins covered a match in Washington in 1970 in which Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and then Peace Corps director Joseph Blatchford were partners. Blatchford was conked in the back of the head by a vice presidential bullet, momentarily becoming, in Spiro-speak, a “nattering nabob of negativism.” Blatchford protected himself from further incident by putting on a motorcycle helmet.”

Here’s a vintage 1968 vocabulary lesson from the then vice-presidential candidate:

“Don’t foreget the e”

He did make himself an easy media target, didn’t he.

Here’s the classic clip of Dan giving his famous spelling lesson:

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