Odd Yard Sale Finds



Mr. Trouble never hangs around!


A SOAKY shampoo bottle from the 1960s, and a sextet of Saginaw Choral Society singers with their rendition of one of the most memorable theme songs in cartoon character history.

For the desktop Dick Weber.

According to the promotional wording on the back of the box, this game will allow you to “strike out spare moments of boredom.” I must be missing something. After about two or three times, I think anyone over 6 years old would have had enough of setting up the penguins and knocking them down. Since the game is “not for children under 6 years,” I’m not exactly sure who the target audience would be.

Here’s a link to a toy site that shows Buddy Hackett’s Pendulum Curve Bowl, a table-top bowling game I have owned since the 1970s. I haven’t played it in years, but for reasons I am not quite sure of, I can’t seem to part with it. One thing I am sure of though, is that it is taking up a heckuva lot of space in one corner of the garage.

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