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Actuarial alert!

I remember taking a college business course, and having a guest speaker come in to talk about his career as an actuary. In case you didn’t know, that’s a person who uses statistics to analyze the financial consequences of risk regarding uncertain future events (such as life expectancy) that are of concern to insurance companies. Sounds pretty dry and boring to me, but the combination of smoking, drinking, and Slim Jimming would probably rev up the statistical juices of even the most buttoned-down actuarialist.

Coolest Ashtray Lighter Ever?

If any ashtray could be described as “cool,” in today’s non-smoking culture, this one certainly qualifies. The top half of the grenade lifts up to reveal an ashtray in the bottom half. The pointed shell on the top half conceals a lighter underneath.


“Nuts & Butts” or “Chips & Dip?”

I’m not really sure if anyone has a definitive answer. I guess he could be used for either. In any case, I put  him up for “adoption” on eBay, and Philip Lamb took him in.  Now known as “Johnny,” it looks like he went to a very good home.

Here’s a link if you would like to view Johnny in his new home with his rather large extended “bottle cap” family:

They don’t make funny ashtrays like they used to.

Back in the day, this kind of of “humorous” and slightly off-color ashtray was all the rage.  (btw: Shouldn’t it read, “We Cape Cod Lobsters?”)

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