Odd Yard Sale Finds


March 2017

Put or Take?

I would bet that someone knows what this is all about. Other than the fact that it has two faces in one, and appears to be possibly a gambling game of some sort, I must admit to being stumped by it. Pocket sized, and given out as a promo by Boston’s Quality Lunch.
Circa, I have no idea.

No matchmaker needed.


I am guessing this is strictly a novelty item, isn’t it?

Who doesn’t love the accordion!?


Apparently a lot of people, which is something of a mystery to me. Without the accordion, how could we have a great polka? And who doesn’t love a great polka!? Okay, apparently a lot of people don’t like the accordion, or polkas, which I am sure would be perplexing to these¬†Wisconsin gents:

Whatever Happened to Judy Scott?

I love the graphics of this vintage 1971 Glenwood, Minnesota Waterama annual festival pin! Makes me wish I could have attended the event!

Here’s a look at a bit of Waterama fun, 2010 style:

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