Odd Yard Sale Finds



I recognize that grin!

This one was a no-brainer, but I bet that most people would walk right by this and not realize it to be a presidential collectible. The style of the mug is the give-away, even though there is no wording to identify it.

Hint #1: Only two US Presidents have been peanut farmers, Thomas Jefferson and …

Hint #2: Only one US President’s brother is known to have peed on an airport runway in full view of the Press, and to have had a brand of beer named after him.


Here’s a clip of a few collectors “enjoying” the taste of vintage Billy Beer:

It’s my potty, and I’ll cry if I want to.

Guess that could have been the theme song of whatever young person had the distinct pleasure (if pleasure is the correct word) of enjoying (if enjoying is the right word) the chance to sit on this beautiful potty chair (if beautiful is the right word to describe a potty chair).

I picked this up at a yard sale in New Hampshire a while ago. I think it has vintage charm, and it looks to be very well made, but I have showed it to others who were, I would say, quite a bit less enthusiastic about it. Maybe it is the subject matter of the piece (figuratively speaking of course), or maybe this is just one of those classic “eye of the beholder” items.


“Start a movement. Eat a Prune”?

This oddball drinking glass screams out 1970s, with many of the more memorable catch phrases of the day: “Save water, bathe with a friend” ~ “Try it, you’ll like it” ~ “Dirty old men need love too!” ~ “Be kind to animals, kiss a frog” ~ “Keep America beautiful, swallow your beer cans” ~ plus the aforementioned “eat a prune” adage which probably makes most people cringe at just the very thought of doing so.


You’re showing your age if you know what this is.


Back in the day, you needed one of these if you planned on continuous-playing your “stacks of wax” (45 rpm records). This handy gadget fit over the spindle of your Hi-Fi allowing your records to drop down, one on top of the other. Doesn’t seem like that would have been the best idea for preserving the longevity of your vinyl, but it did serve the party purpose quite nicely.

On the way to the deltiologist


This image is from a lot of postcards I acquired. Amongst the lot was a series of vintage cards depicting the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. Btw, in case you are wondering, deltiologist is a fancy name for a postcard collector.

There must be more to it?

Not sure what the function of this nose cone would be without the rest of its equipment. Guess it could be a paperweight. It is definitely heavy enough. One side has a hole drilled in it, by design. The gentleman from whom I acquired it did not know why the hole is there. I don’t either, but I bet someone does.

Wonder how they got it in there?

I would be willing to bet that this can is empty inside. If there was FOG in it, which seems very unlikely, there probably isn’t any now.

Oops there goes another rubber tree plant!

Ants are the most common insects on Earth. It is estimated that for every human on the planet, there are approximately 7000 ants. That’s a lot of ants! Ants are among the strongest insects as well, able to carry 20 times their own body weight. This one is tin, and big, but harmless, even more so because he is missing his fangs.

Wonder if he still has his high hopes?

Drive-Thru Trees? Who knew?

I don’t think we have these in New England. Our trees do not look wide enough for automobile traffic. The yard sale seller of this souvenir shaker probably picked it up at the Drive Thru gift shop, way back when.

If you are headed west, and your bucket list includes “Drive through a tree,” here’s the link for more information:

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