Odd Yard Sale Finds



“Nuts & Butts” or “Chips & Dip?”

I’m not really sure if anyone has a definitive answer. I guess he could be used for either. In any case, I put  him up for “adoption” on eBay, and Philip Lamb took him in.  Now known as “Johnny,” it looks like he went to a very good home.

Here’s a link if you would like to view Johnny in his new home with his rather large extended “bottle cap” family:

Comedian Myron Cohen? You be the judge.

One of my favorite finds.

This little figurine tells a very big story. Apparently American GIs (aka Kilroy) left a lot of little somethings behind after the World War II occupation of Europe.

Is he super cute, or super tacky?

I almost missed him. As I was leaving the yard sale, I took one last look, and there he was, poking out from underneath a pile of junk. Image

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