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First gator in England?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no gators in England. This one is headed there. I bought him at a yard sale on this side of the Pond, and sold him to a person on the other side of the Pond. Admittedly, there are probably other non-living gator somethings over there, but he might still be a one of a kind. Every other ceramic character bank I have ever seen has had a coin slot in the back, or on the top of the head. His coin slot is in his mouth. By the looks of his midriff, it appears he is capable of swallowing plenty of other things as well.

A blue Sillisculpt?

These goofy resin-plastic figurines turn up at almost every yard sale. If you were alive in the early ’70s, you no doubt gave or received one of these, somewhere along the line. I once had a collection of about a hundred of them. Most are of little value. Most are the familiar off-white color. Not too many are of other colors, like this one. And, yes, they do have a name. They are known as Sillisculpts. Not sure who coined the phrase, but it does seem appropriate.

Here’s a link for more information:

Oops there goes another rubber tree plant!

Ants are the most common insects on Earth. It is estimated that for every human on the planet, there are approximately 7000 ants. That’s a lot of ants! Ants are among the strongest insects as well, able to carry 20 times their own body weight. This one is tin, and big, but harmless, even more so because he is missing his fangs.

Wonder if he still has his high hopes?

Wind Chimes?

This is the first time I have seen wind chimes that are free standing, as in non-hanging. The horse is wooden. Length is 9″. Height is 12″. No identification as to when and where or that sort of thing. Quite an interesting piece, and very well made!


Barbie, she ain’t!

I see literally hundreds of dolls at yard sales every week. Lots of them look like Barbie. This one looks to be on the opposite end of the doll spectrum.

The “Plywood Palace”

Small replicas of such architectural structures as The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The Washington Monument, and the Eiffel Tower are fairly easy to find, and are normally of nominal value. Apparently, replicas of Boston’s John Hancock Tower are not so easy to find and are quite a bit more valuable than the norm. Maybe there were only a handful made. I don’t know. Or maybe the replica derives its value from the fact that that the actual John Hancock Tower was so severely flawed during construction that 500-pound windows began falling from it before its construction was even completed. Adjacent streets and sidewalks were roped off, and large sheets of black-painted plywood were put in place to cover the holes until that design flaw, and others, could be resolved. Hence the nickname “Plywood Palace.”

Here’s a link to a wonderful 1995 Boston Globe editorial that chronicles the early troubles of the Tower.

btw: I purchased the replica for $1 at a yard sale, and sold it for $200+ on line. Who knew?

“Fix the Roof!” What are the odds?

Back in the day, Avon anything was a hot collectible. Not so much anymore. This is one of the more interesting of the Avon After Shaves. The name is Weekend Decision Maker,  for obvious reasons. The bottle is lined around the outside with choices for weekend activities. Most involve leisurely pursuits such as fishing, golf, ball games, and the like. The man of the house makes his weekend “decision” by spinning the reclining gent on the top of the bottle and watching where his pointer finger ends up. For the record, there is a 1 in 12 chance that roofing tools might be in order for the weekend. 

The perfect gift for the American mail?

Perhaps Postal Pup was such an expensive cologne, the recipient decided not to use it. 😉


I do!

That was my response to my siblings when they saw me snatch this up from the $5 table at the local flea market, and asked me incredulously if I thought it had any real value, more than $5.The eBay bidders must have thought so too when they pushed the bidding to $125. It’s always nice to be right, at least once in a while.


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