Odd Yard Sale Finds



Let’s get reel.


Believe it or not, vintage trophies can be worth a lot of money. Some can sell in the hundreds of dollars, depending on the subject matter. Fishing, unfortunately, is not one of those subjects; so if you had something like this, and you tossed it out, you can be pretty sure it is not “the one that got away.”

Klimt it ain’t


The beauty of art is that it is completely open to interpretation. I am sure someone out there loves this figurine for the universal theme it represents, albeit in a fashion that is obviously a bit rough in presentation.

Gustav Klimt opted for a different and slightly more refined approach when his most famous work debuted in 1908.

It’s elementary my dear Isaac.

If I had a thousand guesses I would never have figured this one out. It’s made by Stickley, best known for its very high quality Arts & Crafts Movement furniture. This is obviously not that, but thanks to a friendly eBay user, I was able to get the answer as to what it is and what it does. Sir Isaac (Newton) looks to have figured it out way back in 1687, with his “action, reaction” law of motion. It seems to me it should just fall over when put to use. Must be why I did so poorly in high school physics class.


If you happen to find or inherit one of these, and you haven’t yet figured out how it works, here’s how:

(Maybe I am just hopelessly incredulous, but even after watching the video, I still don’t think I would trust it with anything pricier than my Asti Spumante)

Let’s have a big hand for…

Hard to know what to make of this large wooden hand mounted on a faux marble base. Suffice to say it is the oddest trophy I have ever come across. Someone received this for “FIRST PLACE” something. Wonder if they had second thoughts about finishing first.

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