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He’s Howdy Doody, but who’s she?


Hint #1: She’s a Princess.

Hint #2: what she is wearing on her head tells you her name.

If you guessed her to be “Princess SunLeafSnowmanRobin”, sorry to say you are incorrect. You have to think symbolism here.

This classic Howdy Doody theme song will give you the true identity of the maiden behind the mask:

Who was Debbie Drake?


Debbie Drake was the first woman to star in her own daily exercise show. The Debbie Drake Show debuted in 1960 and aired during the morning on dozens of stations across the country. This little booklet was published by WISH TV 8 in Indianapolis as a way to promote the station and the program.

Wonder how many Seattle kids wore one of these?

Julius Pierpont Patches debuted on Seattle’s KIRO TV Channel 7 in 1958. The show was live and ran for 23 years until 1981. DARIGOLD is a Seattle-based dairy coop that must have sponsored the J.P. Patches show. Can’t you just see the kids sitting in front of the television drinking their chocolate milk and wearing their J.P. Patches pins.

Here’s the link to the full story of Seattle’s iconic TV clown:

Paging Dr. Casey to Surgery! Dr. Casey to Surgery!

Vince Edwards starred as the dashing young Dr. Ben Casey for 6 seasons on CBS TV in the early 1960s. Sam Jaffe played Dr. David Zorba, Dr. Casey’s mentor. I would guess that a young teenage girl proudly wore this image of Vince, her favorite TV heartthrob.

Here are the cerebral opening credits of Ben Casey:

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