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He’s Howdy Doody, but who’s she?


Hint #1: She’s a Princess.

Hint #2: what she is wearing on her head tells you her name.

If you guessed her to be “Princess SunLeafSnowmanRobin”, sorry to say you are incorrect. You have to think symbolism here.

This classic Howdy Doody theme song will give you the true identity of the maiden behind the mask:

The theme song has words?


I’m not sure there would have been anyone in America in the 1960s who couldn’t identify the Cartwrights, father Ben and sons Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe. Their TV western, BONANZA, debuted in 1959, and was a fixture on NBC television until 1973. The series became so popular that even its instrumental theme song was a chart hit on its own, in 1961. I am sure every BONANZA fan would be able to hum the theme on cue, but I would be willing to bet that very few could come up with these lyrics, performed by father Ben himself, Lorne Greene:

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