Odd Yard Sale Finds




After thumbing through this humorous 1950s’ paperback, it is easy to see what kept our GIs occupied in Occupied Japan.


Who was Capt. Billy?

According to Wikipedia, Wilford Hamilton “Captain Billy” Fawcett ran away from his Minnesota home to join the Army at age 16.  While a World War I Army Captain, his experience with the Army publication Stars and Stripes gave him the notion to get into publishing when he returned home to Minnesota. His bawdy cartoon and joke magazine, Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang, became the launch pad for a vast publishing empire embracing magazines,comic books, and paperback books.

Here’s the link to read more about Capt. Billy and his culture-changing magazine:

Odd always appeals to someone!

Paperbacks of the “Pulp” genre, like this one, are highly collectible, strange as that might seem to the non-yardsaler. I think I bought this one for 25 cents, and sold it for a lot more.

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