Odd Yard Sale Finds



A blue Sillisculpt?

These goofy resin-plastic figurines turn up at almost every yard sale. If you were alive in the early ’70s, you no doubt gave or received one of these, somewhere along the line. I once had a collection of about a hundred of them. Most are of little value. Most are the familiar off-white color. Not too many are of other colors, like this one. And, yes, they do have a name. They are known as Sillisculpts. Not sure who coined the phrase, but it does seem appropriate.

Here’s a link for more information:

Carved Coconuts – Folk art, or just plain tacky?

If you’ve spent any time at all perusing the yard sale circuit, you’ve no doubt run across some form of coconut art. Some are quite creative. I have no idea if any of them have any value, but at least they are cute to look at. This guy was made to be a bank.

I do!

That was my response to my siblings when they saw me snatch this up from the $5 table at the local flea market, and asked me incredulously if I thought it had any real value, more than $5.The eBay bidders must have thought so too when they pushed the bidding to $125. It’s always nice to be right, at least once in a while.


“Nuts & Butts” or “Chips & Dip?”

I’m not really sure if anyone has a definitive answer. I guess he could be used for either. In any case, I put  him up for “adoption” on eBay, and Philip Lamb took him in.  Now known as “Johnny,” it looks like he went to a very good home.

Here’s a link if you would like to view Johnny in his new home with his rather large extended “bottle cap” family:

love is … finding one of these at a yard sale

These “love is…” characters are VERY collectible, believe it or not. They were marketed by Schmid in the early 1970s. I’ve found a few figurines over the years, but this is the one and only “love is…” music box I have ever come across. 

Comedian Myron Cohen? You be the judge.

One of my favorite finds.

This little figurine tells a very big story. Apparently American GIs (aka Kilroy) left a lot of little somethings behind after the World War II occupation of Europe.

Is he super cute, or super tacky?

I almost missed him. As I was leaving the yard sale, I took one last look, and there he was, poking out from underneath a pile of junk. Image

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