Odd Yard Sale Finds



Your dog drinks from one, now you can too!

This oversized ceramic coffee mug looks to hold a LOT of coffee. I would bet that the drinker would be visiting the real thing long before emptying this (slightly smaller) one.


Perhaps the Bee Gees can help too.


Who knew they’d be that lucky?!


To the untrained yard sale eye, this just looks like a large ceramic cat figurine. In truth, these soulful-looking cats are Maneki-neko. (Japanese for “beckoning cat”). In Japan, these “lucky” cats, with their upraised welcoming paws, are believed to bring good fortune to the owner. There must be something to it. I purchased this piece at a yard sale for 50 cents, and sold it on-line for $90.

(Hmm. After watching the video, I am wondering if I would have been better off keeping them?)

Fine art or?

Certainly one of the oddest plates I have come across. It is large, 12″ x 9.” Not sure what the artist had in mind. It would be hard to imagine that it would be usable as a plate, or would match anyone’s decor. The beauty must be in the eye of……

Add an egg for instant fun!

I have seen lots of egg cups. Most are the traditional hourglass shape. This one is a bit different. Paint a face on the egg and you’ve got yourself a British figurine.

“You’re everything a big bad wolf could want.”

The 1950s and 1960s could be called the age of the novelty salt and pepper shaker. People collected them by the millions. I was at a yard sale in New Hampshire a few years ago and the seller must have had at least 300 sets of s&ps on the table. Most of the novelty shakers of the era were tacky, or at least they appear so now. Very few are cute, and well made. This “Miss Cutie” pair is the exception to the rule. I am still a bit sorry I sold them. I don’t keep a lot of stuff, but I think I should have found a place for them.

For the record, Miss Cutie may or may not be related to Little Red Riding Hood. The title line is courtesy of that Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs hit from the 1960s. I am sure the big bad wolf would be equally happy with Miss Cutie if Little Red Riding Hood proved to be too elusive to catch.

“A spittoon? I was sure it was a cuspidor.”

The truth is it can be called either. If you are Portuguese, you can take credit for the classier cuspidor moniker. If you are just good old-fashioned American, you gotta call it a spittoon; and contrary to what most people would think if they stumbled upon one of these, it was definitely not designed to be a planter; although in today’s society, since spittooning (or just plain spitting) has pretty much gone out of style, the planter idea is definitely a great one.

I have been buying and selling assorted “junque” for the better part of 25 years, and this is the very first spittoon I have ever purchased. I could celebrate the occasion with a chaw and spit of tobacco, like they did in the old days, but I think it is best if I not. I would probably miss the opening anyway. Not much practice in that department.

love is … finding one of these at a yard sale

These “love is…” characters are VERY collectible, believe it or not. They were marketed by Schmid in the early 1970s. I’ve found a few figurines over the years, but this is the one and only “love is…” music box I have ever come across. 

What a dashing looking couple!

For all of the stuff I come across, I keep very few things for my personal collection. Here is one of them: (or would it be two of them?) A great looking pair of large ceramic salt & pepper shakers. They do have a certain charm, don’t they.

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