Odd Yard Sale Finds



Whatever Happened to Judy Scott?

I love the graphics of this vintage 1971 Glenwood, Minnesota Waterama annual festival pin! Makes me wish I could have attended the event!

Here’s a look at a bit of Waterama fun, 2010 style:

The great American male


The wording on the underside of the base indicates him to have been a 1978 promotional item for Great American Male Cologne. Wonder what fragrance would have been appropriate for a man with his obvious attributes? “Odd Spice” perhaps? Whatever it was, I am guessing it would have been sold by the six-pack.

Goodbye Mr. Chix


There seems to be scant information available as to the ultimate whereabouts of the dapper Chicken Bones mascot. It looks as though he long-ago disappeared into advertising oblivion, along with his oddly named candy.

Actuarial alert!

I remember taking a college business course, and having a guest speaker come in to talk about his career as an actuary. In case you didn’t know, that’s a person who uses statistics to analyze the financial consequences of risk regarding uncertain future events (such as life expectancy) that are of concern to insurance companies. Sounds pretty dry and boring to me, but the combination of smoking, drinking, and Slim Jimming would probably rev up the statistical juices of even the most buttoned-down actuarialist.

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