Odd Yard Sale Finds



Let’s have a big hand for…

Hard to know what to make of this large wooden hand mounted on a faux marble base. Suffice to say it is the oddest trophy I have ever come across. Someone received this for “FIRST PLACE” something. Wonder if they had second thoughts about finishing first.

Not sure where I’m gonna wear this.

Americans spend millions of dollars each year on motorcycles and motorcycle accessories. I can truthfully say my contribution to the motorcycle economy is right around zero, unless $1 yard sale purchases such as this colorful scarf  are included in the tally.

Where were you when the lights didn’t go out?

Beware Y2K! – Computers will shut down! – Utility companies will go offline! – Cities will go dark at the stroke of midnight! – The Y2K hype was something on par with that of the coming of Comet Kohoutek. In case you’ve forgotten, Kohoutek was similarly overhyped by the media in 1973 as “the comet of the century,” which of course it wasn’t.

Year 2000 souvenirs are generally not valuable, however, this is one of the few hats I have seen, and it even has a digital countdown clock built in. Shouldn’t it have had a flashlight too?

Drill, Baby, Drill!

No doubt that would have been J.R.’s 1980 campaign slogan.

Here’s a trip down memory lane with the stars of Dallas:

I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Apparently there is because here is a patch to prove it.

If I had known about Point of Sale University, I wouldn’t even have questioned it:

Talk about low tech!

I have found quite a few of these manual flip calendars over the years. All are collectible, some are very collectible. This is the only Russian version I have ever come across. That looks to be the statue of Vladimir Lenin to the left of the hammer and sickle.

We prefer to be called Rumba Shakers.

A musical instrument anyone can play, maybe. Apparently, playing the maracas, aka rumba shakers, is not as easy as it looks. “Although a simple instrument, the method of playing the maracas is not obvious. The seeds must travel some distance before they hit the leather, wood, or plastic, so the player must anticipate the rhythm.” Is anything ever as easy as it looks when someone who knows what they are doing is doing it?

It’s not an elephant, is it?

The person from whom I acquired this funky vase told me she has had people guess it to be an elephant. I think it’s a fancy shirt. The maker is The Terry Pottery, Norwell, Mass. Bet they would know. Height is 5 1/2.”Image

Is “friendly spider” an oxymoron?

I think it is, but then again, I freely admit to being a borderline arachnophobe, so perhaps I am the wrong person to ask. In any case, this large friendly-looking tarantula hand puppet can’t harm me, can it?

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