Odd Yard Sale Finds



Goodbye Mr. Chix


There seems to be scant information available as to the ultimate whereabouts of the dapper Chicken Bones mascot. It looks as though he long-ago disappeared into advertising oblivion, along with his oddly named candy.

He’s Howdy Doody, but who’s she?


Hint #1: She’s a Princess.

Hint #2: what she is wearing on her head tells you her name.

If you guessed her to be “Princess SunLeafSnowmanRobin”, sorry to say you are incorrect. You have to think symbolism here.

This classic Howdy Doody theme song will give you the true identity of the maiden behind the mask:

I think I saw him on Broadway in ’88.


Oops, looks like he made his debut in 1888, not 1988. Guess that was just a wee bit before my time.

I acquired this photo-post card in a huge box of ephemera. In layman’s terms, that’s collector-speak for old paper, as in post cards, pamphlets, ticket stubs, advertisements, and the like. The more literal definition is anything transitory (love that word), meaning not meant to be retained or preserved, although, judging by the tonnage of this sort of thing that turns up at flea markets and yard sales, it seems obvious that transitory does not always apply.

FYI, according to Wikipedia, one of Mr. Warfield’s best known roles was that of Anton von Barwig in “The Music Master”, a part he played more than 1000 times during the years 1904-1907. I’ll have to ask around and see if anyone I know remembers attending one of his performances.

An x ray of the June Taylor Dancers?

The June Taylor Dancers were regulars on many of the late Jackie Gleason’s numerous television variety shows of the 1950s and 1960s, partly because they were nice to look at and partly because they performed memorable group dance routines that usually involved an overhead shot of the kaleidoscope effect they created with their arms and legs. Call it strange, but that overhead June Taylor shot was honestly the first thing I thought of when I spotted this somewhat macabre candle holder at a local estate sale:



Your dog drinks from one, now you can too!

This oversized ceramic coffee mug looks to hold a LOT of coffee. I would bet that the drinker would be visiting the real thing long before emptying this (slightly smaller) one.


Perhaps the Bee Gees can help too.


Let’s get reel.


Believe it or not, vintage trophies can be worth a lot of money. Some can sell in the hundreds of dollars, depending on the subject matter. Fishing, unfortunately, is not one of those subjects; so if you had something like this, and you tossed it out, you can be pretty sure it is not “the one that got away.”

Trying building a house with these.


It is estimated that 70 million decks of playing cards are sold in the United States each year. I couldn’t find the breakdown by shape, but it is probably safe to assume that the rounds are very much in the minority.

Free Enterprise at its worst?

One of the greatest things about America is that, unlike many countries of the world, we have almost unlimited freedom of expression. Unfortunately, that freedom sometimes crosses the moral line, in my humble opinion. This “humorous” deck of playing cards shows a “who’s who” of Iraq’s “Most Wanted.” Making light of such a serious situation as the “war” in Iraq strikes me as more than just a bit unseemly. Does having the right to do something, mean we automatically should do it?


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