Odd Yard Sale Finds


August 2012

“Their house is a museum, when people come to see-em…”

If you can complete the next line of that song lyric, you know what I am talking about. Perhaps this odd find was inspired by them, way back when. Don’t know if I would call it a “scre-um,” but it certainly is “mysterious and spooky.”

For those of you not familiar with the song lyric, here it is in all of it’s 1964 black & white oddball glory:

“Where’s the Bill?!”

Maybe this was McDonald’s answer to the Burger King “Where’s the Beef?!” campaign featuring Clara Peller’s crotchety geriatric. McDonald’s must have needed to show the world that it too could cater to the older set by putting them to work behind the counter.

Hello AARP!

Wall plaques are a common yard sale find. Most of them are pretty mundane. This one is actually a bit humorous, or maybe I am just getting close to the age where I can relate to such things. I don’t eat steak, so at least I won’t need to worry about that one.

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