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July 2012

Paging Dr. Casey to Surgery! Dr. Casey to Surgery!

Vince Edwards starred as the dashing young Dr. Ben Casey for 6 seasons on CBS TV in the early 1960s. Sam Jaffe played Dr. David Zorba, Dr. Casey’s mentor. I would guess that a young teenage girl proudly wore this image of Vince, her favorite TV heartthrob.

Here are the cerebral opening credits of Ben Casey:

Bleep that!

The bleeper ball emitted a signal that allowed the golfer to track it and recover it via a mobile receiver. The golfer who spent good money for it probably needed a different kind of bleeper after the ball splashed down in the middle of the pond.

“Mother Bear, this is Sleepy Head.” “I’m checkin’ my eyelids for pinholes.” “10-4.”

The 1970s’ CB craze seemed to die out as fast as it had exploded. I am happy to say I never had a handle, or I might have had to wear one of these around my neck.

Click the link to listen to one of the most unlikely songs ever to reach the top of the Billboard Pop charts. C.W. McCall’s ode to the road went to #1 the week of January 10, 1976.

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