Odd Yard Sale Finds


June 2012

I do!

That was my response to my siblings when they saw me snatch this up from the $5 table at the local flea market, and asked me incredulously if I thought it had any real value, more than $5.The eBay bidders must have thought so too when they pushed the bidding to $125. It’s always nice to be right, at least once in a while.


…and the 1952 award for sleazy book jacket design goes to…

Max Padell. (publisher)

The SpiroT of America!

Spiro T. Agnew was the only Vice President in American history to resign because of criminal charges, and he was a tennis player who was well-known for beaning his doubles partners with errant serves. According to the New York Times, “the tennis historian Bud Collins covered a match in Washington in 1970 in which Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and then Peace Corps director Joseph Blatchford were partners. Blatchford was conked in the back of the head by a vice presidential bullet, momentarily becoming, in Spiro-speak, a “nattering nabob of negativism.” Blatchford protected himself from further incident by putting on a motorcycle helmet.”

Here’s a vintage 1968 vocabulary lesson from the then vice-presidential candidate:

Talk about low tech!

I have found quite a few of these manual flip calendars over the years. All are collectible, some are very collectible. This is the only Russian version I have ever come across. That looks to be the statue of Vladimir Lenin to the left of the hammer and sickle.

For the desktop Dick Weber.

According to the promotional wording on the back of the box, this game will allow you to “strike out spare moments of boredom.” I must be missing something. After about two or three times, I think anyone over 6 years old would have had enough of setting up the penguins and knocking them down. Since the game is “not for children under 6 years,” I’m not exactly sure who the target audience would be.

Here’s a link to a toy site that shows Buddy Hackett’s Pendulum Curve Bowl, a table-top bowling game I have owned since the 1970s. I haven’t played it in years, but for reasons I am not quite sure of, I can’t seem to part with it. One thing I am sure of though, is that it is taking up a heckuva lot of space in one corner of the garage.

“Nuts & Butts” or “Chips & Dip?”

I’m not really sure if anyone has a definitive answer. I guess he could be used for either. In any case, I put  him up for “adoption” on eBay, and Philip Lamb took him in.  Now known as “Johnny,” it looks like he went to a very good home.

Here’s a link if you would like to view Johnny in his new home with his rather large extended “bottle cap” family:

Who was Capt. Billy?

According to Wikipedia, Wilford Hamilton “Captain Billy” Fawcett ran away from his Minnesota home to join the Army at age 16.  While a World War I Army Captain, his experience with the Army publication Stars and Stripes gave him the notion to get into publishing when he returned home to Minnesota. His bawdy cartoon and joke magazine, Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang, became the launch pad for a vast publishing empire embracing magazines,comic books, and paperback books.

Here’s the link to read more about Capt. Billy and his culture-changing magazine:

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