Odd Yard Sale Finds


May 2012

What a dashing looking couple!

For all of the stuff I come across, I keep very few things for my personal collection. Here is one of them: (or would it be two of them?) A great looking pair of large ceramic salt & pepper shakers. They do have a certain charm, don’t they.

“Don’t foreget the e”

He did make himself an easy media target, didn’t he.

Here’s the classic clip of Dan giving his famous spelling lesson:

They don’t make funny ashtrays like they used to.

Back in the day, this kind of of “humorous” and slightly off-color ashtray was all the rage.  (btw: Shouldn’t it read, “We Cape Cod Lobsters?”)

Comedian Myron Cohen? You be the judge.

Odd always appeals to someone!

Paperbacks of the “Pulp” genre, like this one, are highly collectible, strange as that might seem to the non-yardsaler. I think I bought this one for 25 cents, and sold it for a lot more.

One of my favorite finds.

This little figurine tells a very big story. Apparently American GIs (aka Kilroy) left a lot of little somethings behind after the World War II occupation of Europe.

Is he super cute, or super tacky?

I almost missed him. As I was leaving the yard sale, I took one last look, and there he was, poking out from underneath a pile of junk. Image

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